Mixing UNEDIFACT with Custom

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Mixing UNEDIFACT with Custom

Achim Nierbeck

I'm currently working with a project where we need to mix standard UNEDIFACT with custom one. 
So far it works for writing the edi files. 
Now I need to parse some edi files but run into the issue that the UNH part is not as Specified in the UNEDIFACT standard. 

Is there a way of either 1) exchanging the UNHHandler with a custom one, or 2) replace the UNH definition?

Right now my modelset definition xml file also contains a "striped" UNH definition: 

<medi:segment segcode="UNH" xmltag="messageHeader" >
<medi:field xmltag="messageReferenceNumber" required="true" />
<medi:field xmltag="messageTypeDescription" required="true">
<medi:component xmltag="messageType" required="true" />
<medi:component xmltag="messageVersion" required="true" />

The "message" part of the EDIFACT will be a custom one. 

Thanks in advance, Achim 


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